SCOM Service Level Dashboards showing Unique ID’s instead of Friendly Names

After being asked the question and speaking to some of my colleagues and seeing how much of a common issue this is still within Operations Manager 2012 Dashboards. Here is a quick fix into getting your Operations Manager Dashboards to display nice Friendly Names rather than the GUIDs that it sometimes displays which is no help to anyone. As in the screen shot below.


So first step is to export the Management Pack in which you have saved you service Level Tracking Object.

You can do this by locating your Management Pack in the Management Pack list under administration and right click and export MP. (Select a Directory to Export the Management Pack to)


Once the MP is exported Navigate to the Exported MP. Right Click and edit in Notepad. (Or any other Applications such as Notepad++)

If you then scroll to the bottom of the Management Pack XML you can then see the Language Packs. And this is where the issue lies as you can see Operations Manager will give the Performanance Collection rules a Unique ID’s Friendly Name.


So to resolve this issue use Find and Replace (ctrl + H) and the in the “Find Box” paste the Unique ID from the (Display String Line) and then in the Replace Box Put in the Name that you had originally given example below.


Click “Replace all” this will then update all the Unique ID’s with the Friendly Names, as this needs to happen throughout the MP otherwise the Mp will become corrupt and you will not be able to re import.

Then Increase the Version Number of the Management Pack you have edited this is at the top of the XML and save in a new location.


You can now import this management Pack into SCOM over the Top of the Existing MP that you have already imported. You will then need to wait a while the Management Pack changes you have done take effect. I have also found that sometimes you need to recreate the Dashboard view for the changes to take effect but this only takes a minuite.


This is a simple was or resolving the name issue and I hope this helps.

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