Operations Manager IIS 7 IISADMIN Monitor

Recently I had come across an issue where we were experiencing performance issues with our Operations Manager environment.

So I consequently run the System Center Core Monitoring reports and the “Data Volume by Management Pack” report so I could see the amount of data that was being collected and put into the database. From this I could then see that the IIS Management Pack was causing a lot of state change events which is not for the database performance as it is consequently having to write data.


Delving further into the report I could see that the main offender was the “IIS Admin Service Availability” Monitor.

Consequently I then looked at the closed alerts and found that we had over 4700 closed alerts for the IIS admin service. I narrowed down which servers that this was alerting on most and found that all of the alerts were from just a few servers.

Therefore from investigating these servers I found that the servers were all IIS 7 instances which no longer uses the “IISADMIN” service as this was an IIS 6 feature for the Metabase. If the IIS 7 backward compatibility components are not installed on IIS 7 instances the Monitor can’t run correctly and can’t check the service is running and will constantly fails every time it runs.

We have since overridden the IISADMIN monitor for the particular servers that do not have the backward compatibility tool installed this has successfully reduced the amount of alerts and state changes being generated in Operations Manager and the amount of data being recorded into the database.

A few day later and I can see that the amount of alerts generated has fallen from 900+ a day down to 12! The state changes has improved by 2000 state changes a day.


This has slightly helped the performance of the consoles and Operations Manager but not the overall solution to the performance issues.

Hope this helps.

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