CIDR Translator Application

I have been working a fair amount recently with networks and IP addressing where I had a need to calculate the CIDR notation of an IP address and subnet combination. To save time I wrote a small applice IP address and the subnet we want to calculate. You will then get out of the app the CIDR notation with the final octet changed to zero (0) as you can see in the screenshot.ation to calculate it for me.


Note: This application is provided as-is. No support or warranty is offered with this application and it is used at your own risk.


The application can be downloaded at the bottom of this article. We simply provide th

You can also check the box “copy to clipboard” and the results will be placed on the clipboard for you. If you have any suggestions on improvements then hit me a line on Twitter.

CidrTranslator_AnyCPU.exe (28.50 kb)


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