Orchestrator 2012 R2 Licence issue with SQL Always on

After installing Orchestrator 2012 R2 into my SQL always on environment, I had found an issue that when I failed over to the secondary SQL node the Orchestrator console was no longer working as was popping up with a license error.

After looking around on the internet I found a potential solution from here:http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/8d80e9fd-869f-49b9-b055-53cd831b0402/sql-always-on-reenter-product-key?forum=scogeneral

So I tested the solution in my test environment:

I have installed Orchestrator into my SQL always on environment.


SQL always on database:


When failing over to the secondary SQL server we can see the license error.



As a test I failed back over to my primary SQL server, Orchestrator then worked as expected.

Implementing the fix

The suggested resolution was to back up the primary SQL server key and restore the key to the secondary SQL server.

Backup the key:

“BACKUP SERVICE MASTER KEY TO FILE = ‘c:tempkeysservice_master_key’ ENCRYPTION BY PASSWORD = ‘Passw0rd’;”

Restore the Key:


FROM FILE = ‘c:tempkeysservice_master_key’


When restoring the key I receive the following warning:

An error occurred while decrypting master key ‘Orchestrator’ that was encrypted by the old master key. The error was ignored because the FORCE option was specified.


I then checked Orchestrator was still working from my primary SQL server and this works fine still.

I then failed over to my secondary SQL and checked Orchestrator again, and it works like a dream:

Hope this helps

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