DPM Pagefile calculations for an existing installation

I’ve been working with a customer on their DPM installations which are having some problems. One of the issues was the pagefile size hadn’t been configured.

I wrote this quick PowerShell script to tell me how many MB the pagefile should be set to based on the Microsoft requirements for the existing deployment:

#Total of the Recovery Point Volume Size
$TotalShadowCopy = 0

#Get all Datasources and iterate through, adding the size to the Total
Get-DPMDatasource -DPMServerName $env:COMPUTERNAME | ?{$_.Protected -eq $true} | %{$TotalShadowCopy += $_.ShadowCopyAreaSize}

#What is the amount DPM requires?
$DPMRequirement = ($TotalShadowCopy / 1GB) * 0.002

#This is the amount of memory in MB the Pagefile needs to be configured to be
Get-CimInstance Win32_PhysicalMemory | Select -ExpandProperty Capacity | Measure-Object -Maximum | %{[Math]::Round((($_.Maximum * 1.5) + $DPMRequirement) / 1MB,0)}


This outputs the number in MB.

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