Configuration Manager current branch – Software centre can not be loaded.

I was recently working with a client on an in-place upgrade (IPU) from Windows 7 to Windows 10 using Configuration Manager current branch 1610.

Testing and adjusting multiple task sequences was going well, until we began encountering the ‘Software Center can not be loaded’ error. This was happening every time we tried to install the updated task sequence.

Historically this error has most commonly been seen when launching software centre soon after starting the machine before all the required components have loaded, waiting a couple of minutes often resolves the issue.

Unfortunately, in this instance that didn’t work. On investigating the issue, I had noticed one of the dependant packages had not been distributed.

In an attempt to resolve the issue and mitigate any further problems I distributed the package.

Sure enough after distributing the package the task sequence now executed correctly.

So it appears the error is misleading, the issue in fact is not related to software centre but is in fact because a task sequence dependency is missing.

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