Issue with installing DPM 2016 using JSON

Recently I’ve been working on deploying Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2016 during a JSON deployment. One of the prerequisites the installer looks for is that Hyper-V, Hyper-V PowerShell & Hyper-V RSAT tools are installed, and if they’re not the installer will install them before it continues. This requires a reboot.

This is where the issue lies, if these features/roles are installed manually before the installer is ran, it doesn’t notice that they are installed, and then the installer will install these features over the top, and then require a reboot. The second issue with this is that if the server reboots during a JSON deployment then the module running at the time would stop. For example this install is using Custom Script Extension. And the third issue is that the installer wont run if a user is not logged in.

The way we got round these issues was by adding the following steps to the CSE script for the JSON deployment:

  • Creating a ps1 file that contains code for running the DPM installer
  • Creating a RunOnce registry key that will run the PowerShell script on the next start up of the server
  • Creating an AutoAdminLogon registry key to auto login an admin account top allow the installation to complete
  • Running the DPM installer for the first time
  • Rebooting the server.

These steps will allow the prerequisites to be installed properly, and then when the server restarts an admin user will be auto logged in, and then the DPM installed will be ran for the second time, and complete.

I tested installing DPM 2012 R2, and didn’t have this issue, it seems that the need for the Hyper-V features is new to the 2016 installer.

I have another post where i specify the code for the steps above excluding installing DPM, but this could be used to help anyone else seeing this issue.

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