Install System Center Update Rollup Silently

During writing an ARM deployment for Data Protection Manager 2016, i found the need to install UR2 silently as part of the custom script extension. The installer for the DPM UR2 update didn’t have any silent switches or unattended functionality out of the box, so i had to find another way. The PowerShell below allows the extraction of the UR executable to a folder location, and then uses MSIExec to run the MSP file, there is a start-sleep command as the MSIExec was trying to run before the extraction had time to complete:

#DPM UR Extract
cd C:\Install\DPM\

.\dataprotectionmanagerUR2.exe /extract:C:\Install\DPM\DPMUR-server /q

Start-Sleep -Seconds 120

#DPM UR Install
msiexec.exe /p C:\Install\DPM\DPMUR-server\dataprotectionmanager2016-kb3209593.msp /qn /log C:\Windows\Temp\DPMUR-server-install.log

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